HappyFresh Grocery Delivery

I started using online services in 2001. Back then, they were limited to paying a couple of utility bills and shopping at Amazon using a credit card, selling items on Lelong, and redeeming rewards from Bonus Link. Once banks followed suit, an increasing number of companies gradually allowed bill payments using cash transfers, making it more and more convenient to perform a variety of transactions online.

Fast forward to seventeen years later — smart phones and mobile apps have become as common as the cold.

From what I have observed over the years, the exponential growth of online services is directly related to the availability of affordable digital devices, Wi-Fi packages, and mobile data plans, including the extent of network coverage. Plus, a generation of digitally literate children grew up being familiar with network speeds in Mbps (megabit per second). Anyone still remember Kbps (kilobit per second), when 56 Kbps was considered fast, and it was normal to leisurely prepare coffee or tea while waiting for one page to load?

Now, on to the topic. HappyFresh is an online grocery delivery service. Which means, they provide a personal shopper to purchase groceries on the customer’s behalf from selected brick-and-mortar stores, then arrange for delivery based on the customer’s chosen date and time. Founded in 2014, it is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. The app is available for download from App Store and Google Play to your digital devices.


I have been using the mobile app on my Android phone for seven months. In other words, enough experience to post a review. Let us break it down according to the following claims:


Delivered in one hour from your favorite stores.”

I have not experienced problems with the app, so far. But there was one time when, upon delivery, my debit card couldn’t process the payment. As I did not have extra cash on hand at the time, I used online banking instead — transferred cash to the HappyFresh account, took a screenshot of the transaction, and sent it to the rider’s WhatsApp in his presence.

As for the one-hour delivery, its success depends on the immediate availability of personnel for the selected shopping location, and its distance to the delivery destination. Manpower shortage equals delay, although the customer is notified beforehand. My suggestion is, do not rush. Allow a reasonable gap between the order time and the delivery time. For example, place the order in the morning, and arrange for delivery in the afternoon or in the evening. Better yet, order the day before. Avoid the stress.


Enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions.”

True. For every RM100 purchase, I am able to save approximately RM10. Also, no spending on petrol, toll, and parking. However, a delivery charge of RM8 is added for purchases less than RM200.

Nevertheless, there is real value in saving from the logisitics of offline shopping — going out, navigating through road traffic twice, looking for parking space, queueing up at the counter, and transporting the goods back home, especially the bulky items.

What happens when a customer chooses more than one shopping location in one go, with the same delivery date and time? Goods will be delivered separately by different riders from the chosen locations. The delivery charge applies per location if less than RM200 each.


And returns at the door available.”

Most of the time, items received were in good condition. And I have not returned any product to date. Rather, on one occasion, I received one quantity less of two individual items that I had ordered. My advice is, check carefully before signing on the rider’s phone.


Pay with card or cash at the door, the choice is yours.”

No problems with credit card payment, so far. And as mentioned earlier, in case the debit card fails, online cash transfer is accepted.

After placing the order, the customer has three options for the Personal Shopper to do in case one or more items is out of stock:

  • Let shopper pick — Default setting.
  • Call me — WhatsApp or SMS is more common.
  • Do not replace — It will not be included. If using credit or debit card, the amount will be credited back to the account.

With rare exceptions, I tend to tick the third option for every item.

HF 08
Chinese New Year 2018 Shopping Bag Design

Goods are delivered in HappyFresh recyclable shopping bags. The number of bags depends on the quantity and bulk of groceries. For example, one bag could be enough to contain ten small and medium items, whereas more bags would be needed to accommodate ten bulky items.

Overall, I am satisfied with their service, and will continue using the app. One caveat: I am more laid-back and forbearing. I tend not to quibble, preferring to allow many things to slide. My ratings and reviews are given from the standpoint of compassion. Perhaps your experience is not or will not be the same as mine. I respect that.

A15-1 & 2, Tower A, Northpoint Offices
Midvalley City, Medan Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Phone :+603 9212 0192

Ease Of Use: 4.5 / 5
Payment : 4.5 /5
Value For Money : 4.5 / 5
Store Choices : 5 / 5
Grocery Choices : 4 / 5
Quality : 4 / 5
Accuracy : 4.5 / 5
Punctuality: 3.5 / 5
Service : 4.5 / 5





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